Business travel management

Individually tailored solutions for every aspect of your corporate trip

Smooth, convenient & more efficient

Every year, we organize various business trips for local and international companies, ensuring maximum comfort. We aim for business travel to be not only a work matter but also a pleasant experience based on sustainable solutions.


Thorough coordination

We synchronise every vital aspect of your travel, including flights, hotel arrangements, airport transfers, car parking, travel insurance, and any other specified components. Our effective, personalised solutions can contribute to savings ranging from 7% to 12% in business travel expenses.


What we offer

Travel bookings


Whether it's planes, buses, trains, or ferries – no matter the type of transportation, we'll ensure a smooth ticket booking process.


We provide a wide selection of reliable hotels worldwide. Comfort and high-quality service are guaranteed.


Simplify the process of travel document preparation – trust our professional assistance and expertise.


Safeguard your journey with travel insurance from our trusted partners, providing protection against a range of potential inconveniences.

Traveller card

Secure your vehicles in convenient parking lots without any additional stress or hassle.

All services used with this card will be easily incorporated into your company's travel expenses.

Car rental
Private transportation

Experience flexible and comfortable travel by selecting the perfect car from our extensive line of partners.

We will manage every detail of your private journey from booking to payment, with no added concerns.

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